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Making wishes

The heart of the Wish site is, of course, making wishes!

Basic wish-making

To make a wish, click on "Edit your wishlist" in the link list. In the form, enter a short description of your wish and, if you want to, a comment. Also, if you want more than one of the item, check the "Multi?" box. This will allow more than one person to fulfill your wish.

Once you've made a wish, it will be visible to all the people who can see your wishlist. By default, no one can—so you have to make sure your friends and family have access to it.

Letting friends and family see your wishes

To control who can see your wishlist, you provide a "whitelist" of the email addresses of your friends and family. The rule is simple: if someone is on your list, and if they join the wishlist site (using the email address you've put on your list), then they will be able to see your wishlist.

To add people to your permission list, go to the "Add to your whitelist" link. Put one or more email addresses in the entry box, separated by spaces or on separate lines. Just put the basic email address (person@place.com); don't include anything extra, such as the person's full name, even if extra info appears in their address when you email them.

Once you've added someone, that person can see your wishlist. There is no need to notify them that you've added them. Also, you can add email addresses of people who are not yet members of the site. As soon as they join, they will automatically be able to see your wishlist, assuming they've used the same email address as the one you've listed them with.

Adding more comments to your wishes

You can't see the comments that other people leave on your wishes. However, you can add comments to existing wishes—in case you need to update the wish with important info.

To add a comment to an existing wish, go to the "Edit your wishlist" page. You'll see a comment space for each of your wishes.

"Surprise me!" feature

What if someone wants to buy you a present, but nothing on your list seems right?

To handle this, you can provide a "Surprise me!" message. You can write or edit this message via the "Edit your info" link. This is the place to say things like, "I like getting books, but not clothes"—general advice that will help people select an appropriate gift, even if it's not one of your specific wishes.

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