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Getting started

Creating an account

Signing up is easy. Go to the signup page, and enter the nick (on-screen name) you want to use, along with the password you want and your email address. You'll receive a confirmation notice by email; follow the instructions, and your signup will be complete.

Logging in

You log in from the top-level page. Just enter your nick and password.

Once you're logged in, you can post your own wishes and view and claim your friends' wishes.

Seeing what's changed

After you log in, you can click on "View changes since your last login", which will show you all the new wishes and claims since you last logged in. On that page there's also a "View changes in the past week" option.

WishSight is

  • fun
  • social
  • independent
  • time-saving
  • useful
  • free!

and start organizing your wishes and gifts!

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