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Quick intro to WishSight

This really is a quick intro! There's more help and details in the help and FAQ area.

The basic basics

WishSight is for keeping track of your own and your friends' gift wishes, and also keeping track of who is going to give what to whom.

WishSight helps friends and families make sure that people get presents they really want, and that they don't get duplicate presents. And it works!

Activities at WishSight

As a WishSight member, you mainly do two things:

  • add wishes to your wishlist
  • make "claims" on your friends' wishlists

It's all based on wishes and claims.

Wishes and claims

A wish is what it sounds like: a description of something you want. It can be specific (like a certain model of camera) or general (like "Books by Stephen King").

A claim is a promise that you'll fulfill a particular wish for one of your friends. Once you claim a wish, the other people watching that friend's wishlist will see that the wish is fulfilled, so they won't give the person the same gift.

If you need to, you can "unclaim" a wish, and it will be made available again for claiming by someone else. And there's more....

Comments: the WishSight killer feature!

Say your friend asks for "Books by Stephen King". You want to get her one, but her other friends might also. How do you make sure you don't get her the same books?

The answer is comments. You can leave comments on your friends' wishlists. The wishlist owner won't see the comments, but it means you can share information (like, "I'll get her The Shining" with the other people reading the same wishlist.

Also, you can leave comments on your own wishlist. You can't see the other comments, but you can say things like, "I already have The Tommyknockers" to help your friends narrow down their gift selection.

Comments make all the difference!

Who are your "friends" on WishSight?

WishSight has a simple way of deciding who gets to see whose wishlist: as a member, you maintain a whitelist of the email addresses of people who are allowed to see your wishlist.

That's it. Any member of WishSight who's on your list can see your wishlist. You control who sees it and who doesn't. And other people decide whether you can see their wishlists.

You can send email invitations to friends you'd like to have join WishSight. We don't spam them; we just send a message, only to people you specifically ask us to.

Signing up

Signing up is easy, and WishSight is free. You can sign up here.

For more info...

See the help and FAQ area for more info, and please contact us if you have questions!


Here are some screenshots to help you see how WishSight works.

Making a wish.

Jack has logged in and is now adding a wish to his wishlist.

Updating the "whitelist" of friends.

Ted updates his list of friends who are allowed to see his wishlist.

Claiming a friend's wish

Back to Jack: Jack is on Ted's whitelist, so he can claim Ted's wishes—which he's about to do here, also leaving a comment.