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The other half of your activity, in addition to posting your own wishes, is to claim your friends' wishes.

Viewing a wishlist

For you to see a friend's wishlist, the friend has to list your email address on their whitelist. Once that's done, your friend's nick will be visible on the drop-down list on your landing page. Just choose the friend you want and hit "Shop!"

Claiming a wish

To claim a wish, click the "Claim" button next to the wish (or wishes; you can claim more than one at a time) and submit the form. If the wish is "Multi", you can claim it even if someone else already has. You'll see the number of claimers listed on the form.

You can also add comments to your friends' wish listings. In fact, comments are one of the most important features of the whole site.

Adding comments

To add a comment to someone's wish, just write your comment and submit the form. (You can claim and comment at the same time.)

Your comments can help other shoppers avoid duplicating gifts, particularly in the case of "Multi" wishes. Let's say your friend asks for gourmet coffee beans, and makes it a multi wish. You might claim the wish and leave a comment saying, "I'll get some Brazilian coffee". That way, the next person claiming the coffee wish will know not to buy Brazilian.

Of course, the wisher cannot see the comments (and you, as a wisher, cannot see the comments on your wishes). But the wisher can also add comments, which might clarify or narrow the scope of the item description itself.

Viewing and modifying your claims (your "cart")

To see a list of all your current claims, click the "View your claims" link. This list is a kind of shopping cart, showing everything you've agreed to get.

You can retract a claim. You can also mark a claim as "fulfilled", which is just a note to yourself that you've actually bought the item. (And you can un-mark a claim so that it is unfulfilled again.)

Email notification of wishes

If you click on the "Watch another user's wishes" link, you can choose people whose wishes you want to be notified of by email. (This feature is scheduled to be expanded to include notification of claims.)

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