the sensible, social way to manage wishlists

This help page includes a QuickStart section, as well as detailed instructions on how to set up your account and start listing wishes as well as making "claims" on your friends' wishes.


Sign up. Follow the instructions in the email you receive.

Come back and log in. Now you can make wishes, and make claims on your friends' wishes. So get your friends to sign up too!

To make a wish, use the "Edit your wishlist" link. Put a description of the wish. If it's a wish that more than one person can claim, check the "Multi?" box. If you like, add a comment to your wish.

To claim friends' wishes, go to the home page and choose a friend from your dropdown list. Go to that friend's wishlist. You can claim wishes, and also add comments.

To let friends and family see your wishlist (and therefore claim your wishes), you have to add their email addresses to your "whitelist". Follow the "Add to your whitelist" link. Any friends you add will automatically be able to see your wishlist, as soon as they sign up. You do not have to confirm them or be confirmed by them.

WishSight is

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and start organizing your wishes and gifts!

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